Let’s face it when brands are spending millions for 30 second ad spots on Superbowl Sunday, you can bet they’ve done their research.  You can love or hate their commercials, but understanding why they did what they did and getting good take-aways can be an easy way for you to blend their approach with yours.

If you don’t have major marketing research dollars available to you, carefully watching home runs from other bigger budgeted brands can give your brand a well deserved leg up on your competition.  Reverse engineering is a science you can take to a new art form if you do it right and understand why they had a hit or miss.

Whether it’s a new jingle, laugh-out-loud humor or shock value, some of the most powerful brands invest millions of dollars each winter to get their marketing messages in front of consumers during the most important NFL game of the year — the Super Bowl. Hands down, the big football championship is by far the most-watched single-telecast in the U.S. each year.

And while small businesses may not have enough marketing dollars to compete on a Super Bowl-caliber advertising scale, there are lessons to learn and mistakes to avoid when examining these commercials.

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