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I think I can...

Ok, so I’m just testing the waters with this one…

But hopped over to Storify and I must say it was easy and fun – two of my favorite things!

Of course I didn’t set the world on fire – but I also did this in less than 10 minutes if you count the time it took me to set up and figure out how to do.

Now I’m testing to see how it looks at my blog and publishing it on my blog so you can see it and so I can get feedback on if you think “it’s worth it”.

Is this double the work to post a storify gig at your blog from something you did at Pinterest?

Or is it integrated marketing and connecting the dots.

I’d be curious to know your opinion…

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Pinterest Isn’t The Only Newbie Worth Trying Out

With all the interest in Pinterest it’s no wonder people have been overlooking the benefits of using Storify. Unlike Pinterest, Storify lets you use more than photos to create entire stories from the sometimes jumbled world of social media. Storify stories are created using Tweets, Facebook posts, pictures and videos. You just log-in, connect your accounts and start collecting the pieces of your story.

Right now there is a great Storify on the front page at of an open heart surgery at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. It’s collected together from a number of Tweets posted live during the surgery and now collected into a little story with photos and videos from the event.

The promotional applications of Storify reach far beyond what is possible with Pinterest because you have access to more pieces of the Social Web and more control over how you collect and display them. Pinterest lets you create a pin board of cool things you find on the Internet. Storify lets you create an entire story.

A new free iPad app for Storify makes it even easier for users to create stories while on the go, using their drag and drop feature to build stories, curate news or whatever you’d like to do with the social media content to come across.

If you haven’t tried Storify yet, give it a go. If you like Pinterest you’ll likely LOVE Storify. And drop me a line to let me know how you are using it when you do!

Storify allows people to easily comb Twitter, YouTube and other sites for relevant information and then piece that information together into a story. It’s not exactly blogging – it’s social story-telling.

This is the propulsion of the web. The internet as we once knew it is changing from an autonomous search-geared experience to one that is social and hyper-connected. Google is redesigning its entire approach to search by creating a social umbrella across all its services. Google+ isn’t so much a social network as it is a way to transform all of Google’s products into social products. Nothing is linear anymore.

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