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social media monioring

social media and singapore electionsSocial media monitors in Singapore are using the online service to monitor trends and help gauge voter sentiment. By using social media to make guesstimates monitors hope to determine how widespread voting is and how well it matches with the online sentiment they are tracking. If this works you can expect to see more social media monitoring used during election time in other countries. Singapore will conducts its elections on May 7.

Singapore– Singapore is counting down to polling day on May 7, and several social media monitoring companies have created dedicated sites to provide trending terms and stats on campaigning parties as news and opinions about the elections are abuzz on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Swarm and JamiQ created a visualization chart in late April showing trending topics discussed online, along with the most shared articles circulated on the web. The tracker aggregates news articles and blog posts from Google and Twitter data.

Opposition party candidate Nicole Seah, a Starcom executive from the National Solidarity Party, has attracted more than 72,000 Facebook fan less than a month since she set up her page; however, Yin Shanyang, the principal engineer at Swarm who was instrumental in designing the data, pointed out that despite the supposed popularity, data results reveal she is only trending seasonally and not consistently at the top.

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