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Thanks to my friends at Simply Zesty I watched an incredible new video from Coke.  (If you haven’t gone to Simply Zesty to sign up for their daily viral video you should! Niall, Lauren and their team do an outrageous job at their site and this is a great service!)

What makes this a grand slam for me is they have created a video highly branded with Coke and make it about feeling good, collaboration and all around fun – which is key to viral success.  By tying it into an offline experience of getting two cokes for the price of one out of a vending machine they hit this one out of the park!

GRAND SLAM all day every day!

If you were a local business such as a restaurant or a spa just think of the possibilities for your brand!  It’s one thing to give a 2 for 1 coupon which may or may not attract your best customer long term. But what about surprising a few guests with a 2 for 1 dessert at time of service?

Or when someone comes into your spa for a pedicure asking them to book their free manicure with pedi for next visit?

Or for my client Microcenter – they could offer a special at time of purchase.  Once you buy a specific item a trigger is set and the check out clerk can say, “Hey – congrats! You just “won” a free xyz as a thanks for buying item y.”

How many people do you think they’d tell?  A lot more than if you spend the money to send them a coupon, that’s for sure.  Make them feel special and they will think YOU are special.

Watch this short video and tell me what you could do with a similar concept?

(It doesn’t have to be as “big” as this – but I have a hallucination there is something similar you could do that you aren’t doing now.)



Social Media Consultant | Social Media Strategies Using VideoIf you are 35 or older, you’ve probably drawn a stick man motion book before, right? Remember what I’m talking about or did I lose you before the prom years? (C’mon I’m not the only social media consultant who’s 40+, am I??) If your memory is a little rusty, you would take pieces of paper, draw your person, one motion at a time on a each piece of paper, staple together and voila! Flip through with thumb and you’d have your very own Youtube video (Ok not quite, but it was cool for a chick who had like 3 channels). If you passed it around and shared it with your friends – well that would be good old fashion word of mouth marketing –  the holy grail in social media marketing campaigns! Here’s some cool news – this isn’t hard! You can do this on your MAC or PC, relatively simple. You can even find people on Fiverr to do a short one for FIVE BUCKS (I kid you not)! And as this video shows – you can even use Google Docs which is CRAZY. Check it out here (a little over 6o seconds – worth it!) Video marketing is a hot social media strategy you can use to get your content out there in a big way.  It’s not easy to get seen but consistently posting will increase your chances.  This is one video marketing strategy that doesn’t have to cost a few thousand dollars if you are up to it. If you want more information on how to do this there is a pretty good article “How to Create a Stop-Motion Animation Movie on Your Mac Using Your Digital Camera and iLife” at iHerr (tutorials in technology).

A stop-motion animation movie is made up of individually taken photos. Between one photo and the next, the characters, objects and/or camera are moved slightly. When the photos are shown in rapid succession, this creates the illusion that the characters and objects are actually moving in real time. This tutorial is to show you how to create your own amateur stop-motion animation short movie using a digital camera and a Mac running the iLife software suite (iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD).

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