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Send Yourself To (Social media) Camp

Social Media Camp is the brainchild of Chris Burdge and Paul Holmes, two social media professionals who have made it their business to differentiate between good social media marketing advice and the other kind. They have so far been doing this with a series of “campy” videos mocking so-called social media experts whose advice is not always spot-on, and often downright incorrect.

The pair are aiming to promote their upcoming Social Media Camp event in Virginia early next month. They have invited digital media expert and noted author Chris Brogan to be the keynote speaker. The camp will also offer a series of “seminars and workshops with all the latest information and case studies for those new to the field and those looking for advanced social media techniques.”

It might seem like a a bad idea, to mock the very sort of professionals Burdge and Holmes (and Brogan) claim to be, but the fact is, as with any profession, no two are exactly alike. We all have a favorite dentist, and the dentist we simply will not visit. The same goes for mechanics, lawn care services–you name it and we pick the professional who does the best job for us and avoid the ones who don’t. Why should social media marketers be exempt from this type of critical analysis?


“Social Media Camp has grown to one of the top social media education events with a line up of respected speakers and industry specialists,” says co-founder, Chris Burdge. “We wanted to get the word out about Social Media Camp and also have a little campy fun with some of the bad social media advice that we have heard of.”

A whole new industry of social media consultants has emerged – some of whom are very knowledgeable and some of whom are not yet aware that Facebook has rules about promotions.” Burdge says, “Co-founder, Paul Holmes and I are passionate about educating people about social media. We are more than willing to get campy to get the word out about Social Media Camp.”

Click here to watch some of their “campy” videos.