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Just About Everyone On The Web Watches YouTube Videos

The fact is, when it comes to videos on the Internet, nobody does it better than YouTube. By better, I mean more of it, in more ways, not necessarily the quality of the videos they host.

YouTube has been talking about improving the quality of the videos they offer viewers for some time. In fact, they have often likened what they are doing to the way cable television offered viewers more channels than conventional television. YouTube‘s problem, however, has been finding ways to nurture and develop original content that wasn’t quite so hit-or-miss.

This week they took another step toward their stated goal by announcing a new plan to generate 25 hours of original content per day with a very specific network of content producers. The growth of this content will be fostered through the use of $100 million in seed money it had already committed to the project.

Their goal is to have 96 new, additional, original channels up and running by the summer time. Just like with all YouTube channels, viewers can subscribe and be notified every time a new video is posted. Unlike conventional television, or even what they are doing at Netflix and Hulu, these YouTube videos are expected to be about 10 minutes long. This is perfect for mobile viewers who want to watch something while they wait in the doctors office, or on the train for their morning commute.

By supplying the seed money to these content producers YouTube is making their business model much easier. Where once they had to create a video and wait for it to begin producing revenue before making another, these producers can make several videos and have them all chugging along at the same time-or have a series of videos ready to go, so viewers get regular updates. YouTube is also planning to share revenue produced by the videos with the content producers, so there is still an impetus beyond the seed money for them to produce original content.

This YouTube plan has been coming for some time, but it appears with this latest announcement that it will be here sooner than we thought.


The cash has enticed some of TV’s biggest stars, including “Fast Five” director Justin Lin, who directs episodes of “Community,” ”CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker and Nancy Tellem, the former president of CBS entertainment.

Zuiker is teaming up on a horror series for YouTube after observing his own family’s behavior. His three pre-teen sons spend more time on phones, iPads and computers than watching TV these days.

“We want to jointly take the risk with YouTube and roll the dice on the future,” Zuiker says. “The old regime is going to falter because everybody thinks the TV is the only device that really counts, and that’s just not the case.”

For producers, it’s a chance to create shows that are completely free of meddling from major studios. They can also stay relevant with a younger crowd whose viewing is moving increasingly online.

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