sean platt

Ok,  I admit it, even I need some time off every now and again. So, during my Thanksgiving break, the amazing Sean Platt met with my One Click Society radio show guest, digital media entrepreneur, Matt Edelman to talk super heroes, super digital relationships and super new ideas:

I think the interesting thing about how the world
has changed is that human interaction is almost always now
predated by digital interaction. So, when you meet someone, if
you have had any communications with them before meeting them, I
would say the majority of the time, it’s not even by phone. And
you’ve likely researched that person or the company they’re
working with to learn much more about them than you ever would
have known 10 years ago, 15 years ago before meeting them. So,
there really is a different starting point in every personal
interaction than there ever used to be…..One of the biggest
challenges for media companies in the last decade has been
trying to keep consumers trained in the way that the media
companies always took for granted. That’s not something that has
worked out so well for the record industry, for example.

It’s been an enormous challenge for the film business. It’s
becoming perhaps an even greater challenge for the television
business. And then when you get into the news category or the
sports category, the media companies in those businesses
typically made money because they reached consumers almost
entirely through television, and they were paid in one of a
couple of different ways to do so. Now, if they don’t provide
that information for free to consumers, they’ll lose their
audience. So it really does depend on the category, and
consumers migrate to the lowest common denominator in terms of
barriers to get what they want.

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