Eric Graham. His clients call him the Conversion Doctor because he knows how to turn sales into profits. As the host of One Click Society, I invited him onto my show to talk about how he does what he does and what you could be doing, right now, for your business.

“….the reason I’m having Eric with us here today is to talk about some of the metrics around online marketing and eCommerce, and I know that’s probably what everyone wants to hear because mostly people believe in that and they want to go straight to the solution.

Well, really what I want to spend the first part of the show with Eric is just having him talk to you and talk to us a little bit about what you do before you even start thinking about what to sell and how to sell. If the front end works, it can actually save you literally thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars if you do the process up front.”

As father always said, sales are vanity and profits are sanity. Add some sanity to your business.

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When I started doing PPC years ago, it was a well-known fact you never sold the product in an ad, you sold the click.  This principle absolutely applies to the Facebook ‘like’ button as well.

With the advent of the customizable welcome tab, people are focusing too much about themselves and not enough of what the user cares about.  Most people are not going to like a health insurance page just out of the kindness of their heart.

You need to give them something cool like a fun game or contest designed to appeal to your target demographic, with small prizes to win.  If you do this right, they may come back for me, giving you get a chance to get a meaningful conversation started. But this won’t happen until they  decide you are worth it.

Still, even though I know these are not new concepts, the lack of targeting taking place as brands to fight to have the most “fans” is shockingly bad branding.  Too many people are ignoring basic marketing principles and goes against everything you are taught in business school.

All fans are not created equal, so if you don’t run different strategies and tactics to build reach and engagement, then you are still shouting to a crowd – just a smaller crowd.  By targeting your content to a specific kind of person, having a variety of ways for the users to “like” you, and as long as you can track the various buckets and entrance points, you are ensuring yourself a wild social media bonanza.

“It’s important to remember that ‘Likes’ aren’t just mechanical clicks of a button — they’re people,” said Stein. “For many of our large brand clients, we’re essentially working with a million-plus person army — there’s a huge amount of opportunity with those kinds of numbers.” Here are four ways brands have mobilized fans and taken engagement to the next level.

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