My friend Robynn Anton filled in for me at One Click Society on Positive World Radio Network recently and had a great conversation with Ronald Skelton, a social media professional with lots of experience helping small business owners grow larger than life. Ronald is a marketing and business consultant with years of experience and a track record of success. Just the kind of people I like to bring to my listeners!


I work with business owners who already
have a product or service. I state it for a reason because I
don’t do ideas. I take businesses that are passionate about
their own success and motivated to get things done. I’ve worked
with businesses, everything from real estate investors to multi-
million dollar recycling facilities.

The key thing to bring out is they have a product. They have it
out on the market. They’re trying to figure out how to get from
point A in their business, how they’re marketing it now and
getting results or not getting results. How to step it up to the
next level and to continue to improve upon that. I do this
through workshops. I run a 12-week workshop that I’ve created
called “Marketing Made Simple.”

I’ve got a book in the works, but that’s another subject for
later. Then I do various forms of coaching. Everything from
coaching to mentoring one-on-one, to part-time chief marketing
officer role I did at the recycling facility where I would go in
and actually help them actually design and build a marketing
plan, hire people and place, to put that into action, and
eventually, phase myself back out of it.


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