QR codes

Ah another “latest and greatest”… the social media marketing holy grail – the QR code.

There are hundreds of posts telling you how to use yet another tool and you just KNOW it could solve ALL your problems (cough, cough).

But how are you going to use it for your social media campaign?

Winning at social media isn’t about putting a fancy code on your site or direct mail piece – it’s about the experience you deliver using a new tool. Tools are a dime a dozen and mean nothing if you don’t use them to optimize your funnel.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest shiny penny syndrome searching the latest and greatest…

But until you are optimizing the tools you have NOW, a new tool is just a way to put more crap in a leaky bucket.

This video from Fiat is EXACTLY what people want – it even has a gaming aspect to it, which as Mafia Wars, Farmville and Angry Birds have proven people LOVE!

The marketing geniuses used QR technology to recognize street signs and then based on what type of sign you are at, they show you how the car performs at stop signs, parallel parking, even caution signs and how well it handles tight curves.

Talk about a grand slam!

The possibilities for YOUR business are ENDLESS…

If you had a gym you could load up images of your equipment and using their phone your customers could see how to use the equipment. A personal trainer in your pocket, right?

If you owned a restaurant, show a video of your featured specials being made – it’s one thing to have a menu – it’s a GREAT way to sexify your food by showing them a view of it being prepared. Or have testimonials from your fans saying what their favorite dish is and why your restaurant is the best in the whole wide world.

Hair salons could ROCK this by taking photos of finished hair styles and give them a quick how to on an up do.

Watch this super awesome video from Fiat and tell me how YOU could use it for you business – I’d love to hear your ideas.