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social media marketing, public relations, one click societyI had a great guest on One Click Society last week. A real knockout PR wizard, in fact. Steve Rubel. Steve’s very respected, Senior VP, the Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, which is the world’s largest public relations firm. He focuses on trends and innovations in media, technology and digital culture, and he fuses these into actionable insights, and it’s really, really great. His blog’s amazing. He’s a well known ambassador to the startup community. He truly is a thought leader there, and he’s also a highly sought after speaker who travels the world giving dozens of keynote speeches and also appears in front of the press a lot, sharing his observations at his blog, which is, and also through his monthly Advertising Age column, which is how I got to know him from following his articles there. Anyway, we chatted and he shared some incredible insights from one of the leading public relations experts in the field.
I was lucky to have him on my show and glad he decided to share more than few insider secrets!

I think the pace of change in the last several years has been
dramatic. Public relations for a while was moving up as the way
to own the big idea and really tap into the psyche of the public
and really knew that best and able to translate that into press.
Then I think it became, “How do we translate that into marketing
strategy?” So I think the changes that I’ve seen are, one, PR
now has a CNO table. That’s new. Two, I think that we’re
increasingly dealing with publics directly and not just going
through media. Actually, three, we’re helping clients create
their own content. And all three of those developments are
relatively new.

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Steve Rubel