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Did you know a majority of us merely think we’re multitasking?

We’re actually serial tasking. Multitasking is doing multiple things at the same time, whereas serial tasking is shifting from one task to another in rapid succession.

For example, while you’re working on your computer, you likely have your inbox open, along with multiple browser windows to work on various tasks at the same time. However, you’re not really working on them at the same time; you’re simply switching from window to window as the mood strikes you.

If we know multitasking isn’t as effective as single-tasking, why do we feel compelled to attempt it?

It provides us with emotional satisfaction with how our work is going.

While we’re not accomplishing as much, we feel stimulated and entertained while we work. This makes us feel emotionally satisfied, and prevents us from getting bored.

Below is an infographic about the many fascinating things I learned about multitasking, and why it fails us. Enjoy!

THIS is Why Multitasking is Failing You (Infographic)

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Imagine your house has just gone up in flames…

Visualize a real life made-for-TV 6 p.m. news story blaze – a burning inferno!

Now picture this…

Your face covered in sweat has turned almost black from the smoke.  Falling to your knees, face buried in the cool dew of the grass, sheer determination the only lifeline you had. Bruises cover you from head to toe. Is that blood, tears or sweat in your right eye? A coughing fit racks your body. Every bone in your body feels like it’s broken. Still gasping for air, fighting for every breath – you smile. Gratitude begins to flood into your cells with the sweet flavor of oxygen bringing you slowly back to reality. Rejoicing you made it out alive, marveling at the grit and sheer determination coming out of nowhere as you fought to live – you say thank you. In a zombie like state, a fleeting thought flutter by, “Is this a dream?” It feels a nightmare – only it’s not. It’s your life. Or was. And as tears stream down your face, horrified at your loss…the numbness finally begins to wear off.…

And belatedly the question sneaks in,  “Oh God, what did you leave in there?” 

Now, take control and ask yourself, “What’s still in the house worth “facing the fire” to risk your life to “save”?”

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Me and my son Brooks at the age of 6

Yes, it pays to be in the game, Moms and Dads.

(Minus your black berry, your iphone or God forbid your laptop Captain Obvious.)

At the game, no matter what age of the players, you see athletes large, small and in between.

Some are gifted and know it, so they coast.

Others are not as blessed and know it, so they work like crazy.

A select few are gifted and work like crazy.

There is a place for all of them in youth, junior high and high school sports.

But more importantly there is also a place for you as their parents.

Maybe you’re stuck behind the wheel feeling like an unloved bus drive.

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