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Just because you’ve decided to outsource your social media marketing doesn’t mean you can take a vacation. Just the opposite. Now that you don’t have the the day-to-day responsibilities of actually managing your social media network you can start working on an effective plan.

It is very possible you have outsourced responsibility for developing your social media marketing plan. Even so, you still need to be monitoring what is happening; what is working and what is not having the desired effect. This is YOUR business we’re talking about. You would close your eyes to what’s happening inside the warehouse, office or supply room, why would you think you could do it with your social media management?

As a social media manager I am constantly monitoring the social media properties I am responsible for, but so are my clients. This is good. I don’t want to be working hard on a program they do not want or support. I want to be doing exactly what they want me to do, on a daily basis. My goal is to deliver results, but I need to make certain they are the results they are looking for. If a client doesn’t check in with me regularly, letting me know what they are happy with, what they want me to alter or how they want me to respond to certain things, I can’t deliver what they want.

Outsourcing is not a bad idea, especially when it comes to social media. It is likely that your current employees already have enough to do without adding the burden of social media management. And don’t think social media is something you can just set and forget. It needs daily attention, constant monitoring and quick response time to handle questions, comments and items that are posted on your Wall, feed or in your stream.

I would like to think everyone who is currently using social media to market their company, their product or their brand, understands the importance of monitoring their social media network, but unfortunately experience has shown me they don’t. I am constantly asked for advice to make a social media marketing campaign more attractive, more engaging for visitors and more effective. I can definitely do that. But although they might outsource the majority of this work to me, the client still needs to take ownership of the work I am doing by making certain it fits with their plan.

Just because you’re bringing a new party on board doesn’t mean that it’s hands off for you. When shifting responsibilities, it’s vitally important that marketers be deeply involved in the transition. Your new social media manager is experienced in their area, but they still need to know a lot more about your company before they can start generating the results you want.

Speaking of results driven campaigns, the more specific you can be with your new hired gun, the more targeted results you’ll achieve. Start with macro goals and drill down into the micro details. Don’t be afraid – talk ROI with your social media manager. Talk about YoY growth. If they don’t know what you’re talking about – it’s time to start looking for another candidate.

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You love to paint. You’ve been told all your life that you have a gift – a real bonafide talent for it. Your close friend, on the other hand, is a gifted potter and she has encouraged you to take up pottery. You like it but you’re terrible at it. You haven’t even gotten to the point where you can center the clay on the wheel and at the rate you’re going you’re not sure that’s ever going to happen.

And that’s okay. Keep painting and leave the pottery to your friend.

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. There are things we’re good at and others…well…others not so much. This applies in business as well as in life.

I believe one of the big secrets to success in business is finding out what you’re good at and knowing what you’re bad at. Get better at what you do best and don’t waste time trying to improve on the other stuff.

Find a partner to fill the hole. Find someone who thinks differently than you do. Let them take care of those things you need done but that you’re terrible at and to challenge you to do what you do well better. Usually this means outsourcing the accounting or logistics for a creative-minded entrepreneur. Or it could be the creative brainstorming for a super logical right-brained business owner.

Then work on strengthening your strengths! If you’re great with computers and you’d like to get better at building websites then find a group of website developers who have already mastered those things you would like to master and work with them. Look over their shoulders and you’ll get smarter quicker.

You can do this no matter where you live – do it online or join a local group.

I’m going to leave you with the following words of wisdom handed to me by a colleague:

We’re all ignorant about something. Ignorance means simply not knowing. But stupid, well stupid is doing something you’re ignorant about. And nobody wants to be stupid.

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