This week I spent some time talking with Josh Baer, a visionary in the world of e-mail.

“I have a very big pet peeve about e-mail myself and it’s one of those things . . . our tagline is “Addicted to Overdrive,” and as a self-proclaimed urgency junkie, I start my day with a lot of great intentions and I allow myself to go into my e-mail and it’s almost like I get my fix of all my problem solvings and all of a sudden other people’s problems are my problems. Just the way people pass e-mails around. You’ll ask someone in your company, “Hey, is this taken care of? No. What’s the status? Oh, I e-mailed him.” My communication has always been like, yeah, I didn’t need to know your tactics. I just need to know if you talked to him. I don’t care if you fax him, call him, or e-mail him. But a lot of people hide behind the e-mails. Then you have shopping online and you’re getting tons of cc’s that you don’t need and it just gets really crazy.

Joshua has a great company called OtherInbox.com. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. It’s really cool. It’s free. It works with Gmail. I’m going to let him talk about that a little bit today, and I’d like him to give us some background, because what’s unique to Joshua is he’s not just a guy that has a cool technology but like some of the people who listen to this show, he’s an entrepreneur and he’s been there and done that. And one of the reasons that he got into this business was just because that’s where he saw that there was an opportunity because it’s a problem that he could solve.”

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