One Click Society

Have you noticed a change in people in recent years? Tempers are getting shorter, people seem perpetually bored and dissatisfied. They always seem to be looking for the next pleasurable moment wherever they can find it… and they want it RIGHT NOW.

What has prompted this change?

Is it a change in parenting styles? Is society to blame? Is it our growing dependence on electronic devices?

One source of our increased need for constant instant gratification could be directly linked to the amount of time we spend online, specifically on social media. Our social media feeds are an endless stream of entertainment, providing small bursts of happiness hormones on a loop. But the problem is, after awhile, those small bursts become addicting.

Spending time online trains our brains that one click equals happiness for a split second. And we seek out that one click time after time. Activities that require more effort than one click just don’t seem to be worth the effort. We truly are becoming a One Click Society.

We’ve learned to click play on videos for instant entertainment. We click on links to be fed our favorite endless stream of content. We click on page after page of online shopping options, and our purchases arrive a few days later on our doorsteps… all with one click.

We browse the internet while at dinner, late at night when we can’t sleep, even in the bathroom. We’re connected 24/7 and at the beck and call of our digital devices. There’s a certain amount of disconnectedness that comes with all that connectivity. Not only is every click increasingly less satisfying, it grows impersonal at the same time. We lose ourselves in our online personas and activities. Each click draws us closer to the next click until we’re caught in an endless loop of just one more click.

Where does all this lead and how does this relate to today’s business world? The one click mentality isn’t going away any time soon. People want to click. They expect instant entertainment, instant gratification from every click.

This means your marketing efforts need to be as one-click-friendly as possible. People want to get results with as few clicks as possible. The fewer steps to complete an order process, the better. The more positive reinforcement you provide for each click, the happier your customer. People enjoy clickable content. Mixed media integration provides more opportunities to click and be happy.

Your customers want one click features like autofill fields, easy account login, easy contact forms, multimedia content, simple purchase options, and easy to find product reviews.

One click marketing for our One Click Society is the way of the future.

social media marketingWhat a coup! I am so pleased I had a chance to interview my friend and partner Tom Nunan on One Click Society at the Positive World Radio Network. Tom is the founder of Bull’s Eye Entertainment and was executive producer of Academy Award winning Best Picture, “Crash.” What he knows about the film industry and screenwriting in particular could fill a library. Fortunately for me (and for my listeners) I managed to get him to spill the beans on more than few Hollywood secrets during my interview.

I had done a lot of internships while I was in film school. I teach still at UCLA now. I’ve been teaching there the last 15 years or so. I really encourage students to take internships. You can be in an academic
environment and think, “I would be a great computer programmer.
I would be a great architect. I would be a great lawyer or
doctor.” Until you actually work in the environment where those
professions exist, you really don’t know. Otherwise it is, as
they say, only academic or hypothetical. What I did while I was
in school was I did several internships. I worked on movie
productions, TV productions. I worked in marketing departments.
I was a production assistant, working for producers. I finally
got a job reading scripts for HBO. I realized I really feel
comfortable in this environment. I’m really good with material.
I like the speed and the variety of content available in
television. I saw a huge opportunity there. Most of my
colleagues, like I said or like you pointed out, were more
attracted to the glamour of film at the time. I thought I could
make a pretty big impact in TV and I could always come back to
film if I want to.

Click here to listen to my entire interview with Tom Nunan at my radio show, “One Click Society.”

Click here to download the complete transcript of my interview with Tom Nunan.

social media marketingWow! What a rush. I just had the greatest interview with Malathy Drew the visionary and the leader of Whispering Energy. She’s a gifted intuitive healer. She utilizes many of her life experiences and her growth to facilitate getting people to move from a competition mindset to more one of collaboration and unity consciousness, which I again love. I just couldn’t be have been any more excited to have her here, because if you check out her website, you know it’s how can you use social media to be the change in the world.


I honestly was really good at business, especially the corporate world, because I didn’t care about anybody but me. So that unfortunately made me really good in the big rat race of corporate
business…..when I fell in 2004, everything shifted for me. I went from six figures and a condo on the beach and lots of toys and boats and motorcycles and fancy cars to literally losing everything, losing everything in a period of about two years. So, it brought me to my knees, which is somewhere I had never been before, and it was the best thing that even could have happened to me.
And all of a sudden, I realized that there were so many other people in the world that were just like me, that were really struggling with their integrity and struggling with that dog eat dog profit pyramid, limited time only kind of mentality and wanting something more, knowing that there has to be more to life. And it really pushed me into what we see now as the Whispering Energy Collaboration, which like you said in the intro, I can only describe myself as this hurricane of grace.
What happens when people learn to collaborate together, when they truly learn to collaborate and network together, is just magic. I don’t even know how to explain it to make people understand, Lori. It’s just something that you really have to experience, and many of us have no experience at that.”

Click here to listen to my entire interview with Malathy Drew at One Click Society on Positive World Radio Network.

Click here to download the complete transcript of my interview with Malathy Drew