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Who’s Your Favorite MLB Team?

Ok, based in Cincinnati, you might think we’d be biased about baseball teams, but the fact is we always side with the winner. (Touche!)

In this case the winning team when it comes to social media interaction with fans is the Cleveland Indians. They were the first Major League Baseball team to fully embrace social media in 2010 with Twitter and Facebook, using those networks to connect with fans, promote games and generally bring more attention to their sport. This increased awareness and connectivity was lauded by fans and resulted in increased attendance at home games, plus a bump in the sales team-themed retail merchandise. As a result, the Indians have decided to go a step further when it comes to their social media network.

The team announced this week that they were expanding their social network to include Google+, WordPress, Tumblr and Pinterest. These sites are not nearly as pervasive as Facebook and Twitter, but they represent the next big frontier when it comes to social media. Tumblr has gradually built a network of hundreds of millions of users. WordPress is arguably the world’s most popular blogging tool. Google+ continues to grow, finally passing the 100 million user mark and Pinterest is the latest social media network to come along, garner millions of users in a scant few weeks and showing no sign of slowing down any time soon.

The MLB recently encouraged all teams to embrace social media in an effort to promote themselves, their players and the league, essentially give the go-ahead to the Indians to expand their reach on the Social Web. All teams have the same opportunities to expand their social media reach, but so far no one comes close to offering the same level of social media connectivity as the Indians.

No doubt as the fans continue to respond positively, and attendance continues to increase, other teams will recognize the error of their ways and begin to follow in the footsteps of a leader.

On WordPress: “TribeVibe” takes fans in to the dugout and out on the road with the team. Tribe Vibe includes behind-the-scenes photos, videos and insider perspectives from players and staff of Progressive Field all ballparks throughout the country.

On Tumblr: “Step into the Home” of the Indians on Tumblr. Fans will get a visual celebration of the landscape, memories, people and culture that make Cleveland the home of the Tribe.

On Pinterest: Fans with an interest for pinning their inspirations and sentiments about the Tribe can repin, like and favorite the Indians’ presence on the lifestyle site, Pinterest.

On Google+: Google+ will serve as a virtual community for Tribe fans everywhere to connect, share their love of Indians baseball, hang out, create discussion circles and +1 in an open forum.

Click here to read more about this new social media campaign.