You’d have to have been living as a monk to not have heard about Burger King’s successful social media campaigns.  (I use the term successful loosely, because it’s such a subjective word.)

What does a successful social media campaign mean to you?  Is it an increase in followers, in messaging reach, increase in positive sentiment, comments, more followers, or number of likes?  There are a multitude of metrics you can choose, so how does you determine success?

Hint – It’s about setting the objective first then figuring out what strategy you are going to use to get there.  Not all campaigns mean more people in the store.  I have one client who can’t handle any more traffic in the store but does not want online sales either.  He wants in store pick up.  So his goals would be much different than a more traditional client who wants to drive traffic to his site online.

But popularity without purpose counts for nothing, especially if it’s industry kudos – in fact, lately that seems to be the kiss of death, just ask Burger King.

What the coverage has missed, of course, are the results of all this innovation. And the results are not good. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Burger King’s percentage gains in sales per unit in the past decade was 14% — behind Wendy’s, Carls Jr., Jack in the Box, McDonald’s and Whataburger. In addition to falling behind the big national chains, Burger King is also losing ground to a number of smaller “hot” hamburger chains.

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