Are retailers missing the mark by focusing on price and not fashion?

Does the man’s man out there want an experience or just a great price?

Old Spice revived their brand by using an innovative social media strategy by creating “the Old Spice Guy” which is great for online attention and brand affinity.  But how do you transfer that experience to the offline world and actually sell product? Blendtec was

J Crew is one retailer who is not bastardizing their brand by just going after price, but building their brand by understanding what most retailers don’t:  Men want it to be simple to hunt and be happy when they “snag” the prize.

So guys what do you think?  Is J Crew the experience you are looking for?

And if not, what would be the ultimate way for you to be Mr. Fashionista and not have to give up too much fantasy football?

Under Muytjens, J.Crew has responded to current style trends—Americana, work wear, slimmer fits—with clothes that come at reasonable price points and don’t alienate shoppers. (Most J.Crew suits run about $600.) “Our mission,” Muytjens says, “is to make it easier for a guy to shop in our stores. Not more challenging.” At the same time, he has adopted Drexler’s attention to detail and desire to go for the cheeseburger, as it were. “I don’t think many retailers are focusing on the fashion aspect for guys the way J.Crew is,” says Christine Chen, a retail analyst at the investment bank Needham & Co.

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