Social media is making its way into every facet of modern society. Especially our institutes of higher learning, where social media is becoming a specific topic of study. Today’s students working toward their master’s of business arts need a thorough understanding of internet marketing and social media is a big piece of that puzzle. Stacy Blackman has a great post on “Social Media in the M.B.A. Classroom.”

It’s important for today’s business students to be schooled in Internet marketing and social media strategy. With 175 million registered users on the micro-blogging site Twitter, and Facebook reporting 500 million active members, tomorrow’s M.B.A.s need to develop and manage marketing strategies that address the nuances of the online world.

But familiarity with the various forms of social media communication is no longer enough; graduates have to be able to transfer this experience into the commercial landscape. Such knowledge may provide an all-important edge when the time comes to parlay your M.B.A. into a job offer.

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