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social media marketing, blow upblogIf you want your blog to blow up (in a good way) stop sucking the life out it by being everything to everyone, having no clue who you are or why they care, and being the planless wonder.

How do I know? I’ve been there.

Most of the SMART people I know who struggle to be successful is because they are chasing too many bluebirds, hedging bets and don’t want to put their eggs into one basket. You’re so busy getting a plan B, you forget what plan A even is.

But you HAVE to find A basket. Something people can at least put on a shelf, even if they move you left to right.

Building off the big brains of some of the best bloggers out there – here are my top 3 most popular nuggets (links) this week about how to be a better blogger to build a real business. (You can do this!)

#1 You Don’t Love What You Do

Do you look forward to writing for you blog?

Are you constantly creating value for your people?

Is it just about the money or is it never about the money?

Who is listening?

Or more importantly, who isn’t…do you even know?

This is a great to the point article to fix everything that’s wrong with your blog’s business model, or lack thereof.

6 Fatal Symptoms You’re in the Wrong Niche a great guest post at Problogger from Martyn Chamberlin self coined “the two hour blogger” [I love that!]

#2 Be The Change You Want To See In Your World

Let’s face it your horn will always be honked louder when others toot it for you, right?

So keep this in mind and be the horn for your find the influencers who engage the most, who seem to have the biggest hearts and start GIVING to them.

Go to their blog, make thoughtful comments and ask provoking questions that supports their point. Talk to them at their Facebook page, Google+, even linked in.

If they have a YouTube channel subscribe, share their videos and TALK to them. Trust me, it will pay off if you add value. They are just as interested in a good conversation as you are, but you must pay your dues. Make them see the time invested with YOU is worth it.

This is just one tip from this great article  4 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Blog from Andy Nathyn at his blog or check him out on twitter @andynathyn

#3 If You Want More Subscribers, Just ASK (gasp)

If you’ve been marketing for more than 20 minutes, you’ll know or have heard it takes 7 touches to get a sale. This used to mean email, tv, print and direct mail.  But now, even doing a sequence of strategic tweets, a Facebook posts, comments at a blog, even search results count. No matter what your method, to optimize your efforts, you should make sure you ask more than once and in different ways.

So why in the world would you ask once, in the same place, every single time to “subscribe to my blog”?

It’s ok to quietly remind your readers at the end of your posts to sign up for your “newsletter”.  It’s even acceptable to plug it in a post. I’ve had friends test this and one marketer has a total of 16 asks on one blog page in various ways.  I bet you could only find seven of them unless you were looking.

5 Ways to Promote Your Blog’s Email Feed  via @JamieCrager

In summary, if you want to be a better blogger with a plan to actually monetize here are the 3 best blogs you can follow to do that…

Social Triggers

Viper Chill


Do as they say, and do what they DO.

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