mars dorian

Today on One Click Society at ┬áPositive World Radio Network, I talk with one of the most awesome new bloggers out there, Mars Dorian. Mars understands something many long time bloggers still can’t grasp: content is the key, but so is living up to your potential.

If you take the way you are right now
and you promote that, then it’s not as inspiring and motivational as it could be because we still carry a lot of
garbage from society, right? You don’t live to your fullest
potential. I always say that instead of being yourself, become
the person you want to be, like your ideal version in your mind,
and then work towards that with everything you do. Never say to
yourself, “I’m just this way or this way.” Find your ideal
version and say, “What would this version of me do in this
situation?” And then you act like this.

…in the beginning, I was really lost. I was really lost in the
jungle. I had so many crazy ideas in my head, so many passionate
ideas, but it took me a few months to find my real brand in
terms of the person that I want to be. It’s really hard to write
the way that you are in real life, right? For me, it’s very easy
if I talk to a person to show what I’m all about, to be
authentic. But when it comes to writing, because I’m not the
greatest writer in the world, it took me a while to actually
make that transition. That’s what I did over a couple of months,
and I just thought about what part of yourself do you want to
show the world. What is the thing that you want to represent?
And then I worked towards that goal

You can listen to my entire interview with Mars at One Click Society just by clicking here.

Or download the complete transcript of my conversation with Mars Dorian here.