Did you know that 26.21% of social media users are willing to spend more for great customer service versus only 13% for the general population?

If you want to stand out amongst your competitors on Facebook, taking that extra step to provide stellar customer service will go a long way. Below is the inside scoop.

The One Trick to Rocking Your Brand's Facebook Page

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Did you know a majority of us merely think we’re multitasking?

We’re actually serial tasking. Multitasking is doing multiple things at the same time, whereas serial tasking is shifting from one task to another in rapid succession.

For example, while you’re working on your computer, you likely have your inbox open, along with multiple browser windows to work on various tasks at the same time. However, you’re not really working on them at the same time; you’re simply switching from window to window as the mood strikes you.

If we know multitasking isn’t as effective as single-tasking, why do we feel compelled to attempt it?

It provides us with emotional satisfaction with how our work is going.

While we’re not accomplishing as much, we feel stimulated and entertained while we work. This makes us feel emotionally satisfied, and prevents us from getting bored.

Below is an infographic about the many fascinating things I learned about multitasking, and why it fails us. Enjoy!

THIS is Why Multitasking is Failing You (Infographic)

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We all know about using social media to listen for what our customers want, engage in conversation and link to valuable content.

But what if you want to give something extra?

Then it’s up to you to share what only you can give. Look at your unique place in the world, your gifts, talents and products, and ask yourself: How can I use Twitter in my own unique way?

To spark up your creative flame, here are four unusual Twitter uses. As promised, one of them involves ice cream. And, special bonus, all of them are from Minnesota. Seriously, you can put great ideas into practice just about anywhere.

1. Flavor Updates

Ice cream is a special treat. A little bit of luxury (and a sugar boost!) amidst a busy day.

We all have our favorite flavors. I’m a mint-choc-chip kinda guy. And you’d better not serve me strawberry. Ever.

Isn’t it super-frustrating to drive out to the Ice Cream parlor, only to discover they’ve sold out of your favorite flavor?

Izzy’s Ice Cream Parlor in St. Paul serves over a hundred flavors, and they can’t always be sure that every flavor is available every day.

Cue Twitter. Izzy’s uses Twitter to let customers know when out-of-stock flavors are back in the chiller.

Now that’s cool.

2. Free Parking

If you visit the Mall of America in Bloomington during the holiday rush, no longer do you have pray they’ll be a space for you in the parking lot. Instead, you can check their Twitter Feed, which includes updates on available parking.

The Mall also uses Twitter to update followers on the latest offers, events and store launches.

3. Twitterviews

Recruitment scouts Minnesota Boulevard set themselevs a mission during the 2010 National Black MBA Conference: to discover as much talent as possible, and get delegates to visit their booth in the exhibition space.

They did this by conducting Twitterviews – interviews with conference attendees on Twitter.

That’s one way to get people involved, on your side, get yourself noticed, and share the love.

4. Pizza Coupons

Mmm… Chesse. I’d eat a Margarita every day of the week if it wasn’t so bad for my waistline. Wouldn’t you?

Punch Pizza hots up the temptation for pizza lovers living in St. Paul and Minneapolis by sharing Pizza Discount Coupons on their Twitter feed.

They also use Twitter to share the latest Punch Pizza news, and respond to customer service issues.

Now, Go Find Your Twitter Quirk

What makes you special? How could you use Twitter in an unusual way to convey what makes you unique?

Thanks to David Erickson for giving us the inside view of these unusual Twitter strategies.