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social mediaSo, you wonder what the return is on your investment of time (mostly) in social media? Who doesn’t. The fact is, determining a true ROI on social media is tricky. Sure, there are several companies that promise they can calculate the impact from your efforts. They can track Friends, Followers and how likely your messgae is to be passed around to other folks, but can they tell what kind of impact you are truly having in the digital world? Can they give a true measure of your ROI? Probably not. That is something you can only judge by diving into the digital deep end yourself and having a look around.
Check out this story from Beverly Macy and see what I mean:

Yes, social media is becoming more prevalent in organizations large and small, but we’re still very early in a longer-term timeline. The real emerging consideration inside organizations is determining the best way to create a social layer in the enterprise architecture that lifts all internal priorities — marketing, CRM, branding, lead generation, etc.

I wanted to share an unfolding situation in my own life to add a twist on the traditional hunt for ROI. Last week I was offered a loaner from a luxury car maker via Twitter, as well as a free sample of tire repair gunk, also via Twitter, all because I tweeted my dissatisfaction with the tire service from my car dealership.

The dialog with both companies took place in the public Tweet stream … but my car’s service team was clueless because they are not on Twitter. No, they sent out the automated email survey and logged in the obligatory voice mail to me, then left early for the weekend. Ho hum. P.S. — it’s a Mercedes dealership!

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