marketing reports

You might be pouring hours every week into your social media budget, but is it paying off for you? Are you getting all the relevant information and developing the strongest social media profile you can for yourself and your business?
What you likely need are some outside services to help you develop reports, link strategies and bring you the latest social media information so you can attract more clients and convert them into paying customers. Knowing what to look for and what you need for your company is helpful, but most companies are more than willing to help you understand what you are doing wrong so they can charge you to help you do it right.

This report will help you to:

Establish key metrics regarding the use of social media among food & grocery shoppers, including awareness, usage & appeal of social networking sites, and their interaction with grocery brands.

Understand the shopper perspective on opportunities for social media marketing, social e-commerce and location based social networking in food & grocery.

Identify key motivators for shoppers to interact with grocery brands and retailers on social networks.

Establish the relationship between consumer and shopper marketing using social media.

Determine barriers to adoption among grocery shoppers.

Uncover opportunities for integration between social media and online grocery shopping.

Discover the perception among shoppers of various social media platforms in relation to food & grocery marketing.

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