Facebook is trying to act like a cool kid at the dance while a cute girl making eyes at him from across the room: They are trying to act totally disinterested. Only instead of avoiding the advances of the cute girl across the room, they are acting as if they haven’t noticed they’ve become the “IT” place to market product products. In fact, they are doing such a convincing job of acting as if they never realized the effect they have been having on marketing, they have started a new entry point for marketing campaigns. Just because.

Facebook has launched a community site at Facebook.Studio for ad agencies to share ideas, comment on campaigns and otherwise collaborate on social media strategies for brands. The site is Facebook’s way of reaching out to the agency, PR and media strategy community, says Blake Chandlee, head of the site’s newly-formed agency relations team (via Ad Age). “We need to do a better job of engaging with agencies,” he says. “So far we’ve felt like they’ve been pulled along.”

Defacto Launching Pad for Viral Campaigns

The site is bound to develop into a defacto viral launching for campaigns as users can Like the most popular ones. However it is Facebook’s tactic admission that it has been largely a disinterested bystander as the ad community tested their mettle against the networking site that may well provide greater value to it in the long run. Or as Facebook says on the Studio page “We’re listening.”

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