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social media marketingWow! What a rush. I just had the greatest interview with Malathy Drew the visionary and the leader of Whispering Energy. She’s a gifted intuitive healer. She utilizes many of her life experiences and her growth to facilitate getting people to move from a competition mindset to more one of collaboration and unity consciousness, which I again love. I just couldn’t be have been any more excited to have her here, because if you check out her website, you know it’s how can you use social media to be the change in the world.


I honestly was really good at business, especially the corporate world, because I didn’t care about anybody but me. So that unfortunately made me really good in the big rat race of corporate
business…..when I fell in 2004, everything shifted for me. I went from six figures and a condo on the beach and lots of toys and boats and motorcycles and fancy cars to literally losing everything, losing everything in a period of about two years. So, it brought me to my knees, which is somewhere I had never been before, and it was the best thing that even could have happened to me.
And all of a sudden, I realized that there were so many other people in the world that were just like me, that were really struggling with their integrity and struggling with that dog eat dog profit pyramid, limited time only kind of mentality and wanting something more, knowing that there has to be more to life. And it really pushed me into what we see now as the Whispering Energy Collaboration, which like you said in the intro, I can only describe myself as this hurricane of grace.
What happens when people learn to collaborate together, when they truly learn to collaborate and network together, is just magic. I don’t even know how to explain it to make people understand, Lori. It’s just something that you really have to experience, and many of us have no experience at that.”

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social media marketingSocial media is great for making friends and reaching out to customers but can you actually monetize it? Make any money from it at all? Yes, of course you can, if you know how. That is the crux of the problem, so many questions and not enough skilled social media managers to provide the answers. Look around. Search the web. When you have questions about social media marketing don’t just playing guessing games until you figure it out. Find an expert who can provide the answers you need.

Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC assists business-to-business firms in strategic marketing, public relations and social media. Westerberg speaks frequently on a variety of marketing topics including Social Media, Content Creation, Customer Experience, and Marketing Fundamentals.

Her presentation “The Hub – Is Your Online House in Order?” addresses the need for compelling content on websites and blogs providing visitors with the information they need to self-qualify themselves, continue returning to the site, and ultimately engaging in business with the firm.

“How to Monetize Social Media: B2B Case Studies” will focus on the results of real world marketing campaigns from campaign creation to campaign measurement to return on investment.

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social mediaEveryone knows (or at least they should) the value of using social media to market themselves, but social media can wear an abundance of hats and do a bunch of different jobs for your business. social media is great for getting the word, but what that word is might change frequently. Maybe you need a good employee in a specific field, a business lead, a partner, a resource, a reference; whatever it is your company needs, the chances are you can find it with a social media tool.

Start with a plan

Some companies develop their social media strategy through a gradual evolution – a few employees begin blogging, others join Facebook and the marketing rep starts sending out updates through Twitter.

Although that can work occasionally, it is more effective to sit down and map out a plan about what sites will be used, who will be doing the updating, and how often tweets or Facebook postings will be sent, said Bob Brin, head of interactive at the Minneapolis public relations firm Padilla Speer Beardsley.

“No one can focus on all social media channels at once,” he says, and advises that companies initially assess where competitors or customers visit, what types of online conversations seem best to join and what type of tools are already being used by employees.

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