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Don’t Ignore Where Your Customers Go

When it comes to social media marketing one of the most useful tools is the ability to know where your customers are going, when and how often they visit your brick and mortar store and what they do when they get there.

Social media marketing tools such as Foursquare and Google Places help you get this information and use it to your advantage. These sites, as well as the Facebook location function, can help you keep track of your clients by knowing where they are and how often they visit you. These tools can also help new customers find your business. When a user checks-in at your business their friends see this information and if your business is not already added to the catalog of businesses at the service they are using, puts you on the map, so to speak.

There are best practices for using these social media location-based services, just as there are with every social media site you use. but like those other sites, it’s not rocket science. Once you make the decision to use these services to promote your business (and you should!) you need only do a little bit of research to make their use more effective for whatever business you are in.

If you are already using a location-based social media service for your business I’d love it if you’d share your knowledge in the comments section below…what works, what doesn’t and what do you wish you knew better?

Offer incentives

Verified businesses have the ability to create specials and incentives for customers who check in at their locations. These specials can be simply check-in based incentives that only require checking in and showing an employee, perks for mayors, or can require specific events (such as a first visit or 10th check in) that unlock codes or discounts for one-time use.

Leave relevant, helpful tips

Leaving tips at other locations can be a great way to share helpful information and provide valuable content while promoting your brand’s name. Don’t simply leave self-promotional “tips” at various locations – this accomplishes nothing other than annoying potential customers. The key to getting this right is to make sure the tips you leave both provide helpful information and are relevant to the venue. The History Channel does a great job of this by leaving informational tidbits and facts at various historical that show up as tips when people check in.

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