Leo Babauta

I had a great conversation with Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net on my radio show, One Click Society. He didn’t build a base of more than 200,00 subscribers in four years with just his good looks! He has a way of knowing what the people want and giving it to them. He succeeds by empowering others. It’s all very Zen-like, for a reason….

“Basically, I don’t like receiving spam or junk or a lot of promotions. I don’t like ads myself when I’m reading someone else’s site, and so, for my site, I wanted it to be consistent with what I like and so I try to be as simple as possible. I think really what I have is my reputation and people’s trust in me, and I think if I spam them or try and over-promote my stuff or other people’s stuff, it erodes that trust over time and eventually they think, “This guy’s trying to sell to me.” But when they feel like this is someone who just wants to really help me and share what he’s learned, then I think that trust can stay for a long time, and it forms a good relationship with my readers That’s really what I’m looking for.

Listen to my entire interview with Leo here.

Just click here to download the transcript of my discussion with Leo Babauta