iPad 3

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The details are out and the iPad 3 will soon be in (stores) as avid fans line up for the latest edition of their favorite tablet device. But what’s so new about the iPad 3 that makes everyone scramble at the mere mention of the word “new”?


First, and what I believe is the most useful feature of the iPad 3 is its ability to act as a mobile platform for your desktop Mac. That’s right. Although it cannot take the place of your desktop Mac (yet) it can emulate it and give you access to it. Your files, folders, programs and whatever else you might still need to use a desktop Mac for. The previous editions of the iPad were fairly limited as an effective business tool, making them little more than a flashy new toy and garnering some derision fro those who were hoping for something with a little more weight.  However, this latest incarnation does a lot to bridge the gap between toy and tool, nearly silencing the naysayers are proving that unlike many other tech companies, Apple addresses the needs of its users.

The iPad 2 allowed some remote desktop work, but the low resolution screen made it not nearly as effective as the larger screen built into the iPad 3. The faster processor also means the new iPad will move more seamlessly between screens and allow text to flow easier. This means that when you need to move your screen around to adjust, it will do it faster and in a more robust way than earlier incarnations of the device.

The iPad 3 also offers more access to 4G wireless connectivity through either Verizon or AT&T, something which is critical if you want to use the device wherever you go, not just when you can.

Finally, there’s the battery. A full charge will get you 10 hours of use on the iPad 3, or a little less when you’re plugged in to the power hungry 4G. This is an integral piece of functionality for those who do actual work with their tablet, or even those who like to play.

Now be honest: How long do you plan to wait until you buy one?

Businesses love Apple’s iPad. They use the tablets in myriad ways, from airline pilot flight manuals to hospital charts to point-of-sale terminals. The updated specs of the iPad 3, announced today, should make the tablet even better at something it already does well: enabling remote desktop access.

Tablet Limitations

Though tablets can do many of the tasks that PCs have been used for, not everything is tablet ready. One of the biggest limitations is running common business software, most of which is written to run on Windows-based x86/x64 machines. Microsoft has announced that its new Windows 8 will not allow software written for previous versions of Windows to run on ARM-based tablets; they will need to be re-written as a Metro style app. Similarly, though iOS and OS X share code, programs written for the Mac cannot be run on an iPad.

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