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Social Media Is Good For TV

With almost 40 million viewers tuning in, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards posted its highest television ratings in almost 30 years. And the story was even better when it came to social media conversations. According to Bluefin Labs, there were about 13 million social media comments pertaining to the annual televised musical awards show. This was a record, surpassing even the incredibly high social media participation for Super Bowl LXVI a week prior.

This is yet another sign of not only the power of social media but the way it can work alongside traditional media instead of being directly opposed to it. Too often when people discuss social media they focus on the ways it may replace the forms of media we have become accustomed to. This doesn’t sit well with everyone, especially people who are making their living in those traditional media outlets.

Besides, we don’t need to replace anything, what we need are ways to make them better, and social media seems to do just that.

Despite tape delays for the East and West coast, social media conversations about the Grammy show peaked between 8pm and 11pm, when the show was airing. This shows that a televised event doesn’t need to be live to garner the attention of social media. Having it run at the same time frame (depending on time zone) means that everyone can participate at the same time which clearly boosts activity.

If you have been waiting for a sign that social media crosses and supports all media, I can think of no two better examples than Super Bowl LXVI and the 54th Annual Grammy Awards show. And the statistics prove it. and The Recording Academy worked hard to address the digital, social and mobile component of this year’s show. We profiled these initiatives, which included the Grammy Live second screen experience for iPad and iPhone.

Grammy Live was a huge success this year, bringing in 1 million unique viewers across the web, iPhone and iPad. To put that in perspective, 2.1 million viewers tuned into the Super Bowl live stream — and that was broadcasting the actual game, not an additional experience.

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