Farmers may be late to the game when it comes to social media, but they are having no trouble getting on board a moving target. In fact, farmers are among the fastest growing sector of people adopting the latest social media strategies. They are using social media to connect with customers and develop new strategies that will help grow their business further. If there is one thing farmers know, it’s how to grow…

At a recent seminar offered on the topic offered by the McHenry County Farm Bureau, social media consultant Michelle Damico told participants — many of whom sell their produce at farmers markets in the north and northwest suburbs — that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are useful and economical ways to “put a face on farming.”
Social media diverge from advertising because they’re less about sales pitches than about sparking conversations with and delving deeper into the motivations of customers.

“They want to know how you’re going to enrich their lives,” Damico said.

With a Facebook page augmenting his website for the past year, Pack is a relative expert at marketing his agribusiness. Many farmers have operated websites for years.

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