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Facebook, with its 500 million members (and counting) is the Holy Grail of marketing. It is the place everyone wants to see and be seen. Even better than just being on Facebook, is garnering ‘Likes’. In case you don’t already know, ‘Likes’ are what people click when they see a post they, well, like. It’s a way of telling their friends, “hey, come check this out. It’s cool.” And we all want that for our product or place of business. We want to be liked by as many people as we can possibly handle.

Marketers are increasing their social media budgets in a bid to get more fans to “Like” them, according to a new poll from Effie Worldwide and Mashable.

The poll of agency executives and marketers from companies such as Mini USA, Bank of America and Colgate-Palmolive revealed the growing importance of social media. A whopping 87% said social media was “important” or “very important” to achieving their biggest marketing goal this year.

The majority (70%) of respondents plan to increase their social media budget by more than 10% during 2011. Furthermore, 11.9% of their overall marketing budgets will used for social networking activity, not too far short of the 13% being allocated for television.

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