energy drinks

I’m a 41 -year-old mother of 5.  I remember rabbit ears, white out, and I’m guilty of two spaces after a period.  And I loved smoking fake cigarettes I could eat when I was a kid.

Can you imagine?  Do they even still make those?  I doubt it.

But hey, they don’t have to!  Because now we have Marijuana Cola!

Are you kidding me?  Is anyone else paying attention to this?

Now I’m not being a prude, at all.  But if I have to be super careful with every single thing I say for fear the FTC will sanction me or a client, what the hell is wrong with the world that we can have Marijuana Cola positioned as the next cool thing for teens (check out the packaging and you’ll know exactly who they want to appeal to)?

Please, please – can some other cool person be outraged with me?  God forbid we have ads that follow you around – but is it really NP at all to position drinking Marijuana cool for teens – as long as it doesn’t  stalk us online? Sigh.

After viewing the labels at Canna Cola’s website, many can understand why teenagers would find the packaging sleeve appealing. Teens consume plenty of soft drinks and have responded well to the energy drink market introduced in the past seven years. The caricatures and drink names of Canna Cola’s products do resemble the types of images printed on t-shirts, belt buckles, hats, etc. popular in the teen scene. Then there’s the double whammy. The fizzy pop drink does, in fact, contain real THC, the mind altering chemical extracted from marijuana.

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