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Wow! I had a great conversation with a great friend and a truly enlightened woman, Felicity LeRouge on my radio show One Click Society, at the Positive World Radio Network. Felicity and I have shared some truly powerful moments and I thought you, my listeners, would enjoy sharing some of that journey with us. Felicity even wrote a book about some of those experiences, ‘Changing the Channel’ and she shares the story of how her book came to be and how her life has changed, grown and expanded as she opened her mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

“….it’s almost, yes, I’m ticking off the list of proving that I’m
worthy, proving that I’m worthwhile, proving that I deserve to
be loved because look I’ve done all of this. But for me, the
thing that I found so real going through the Oneness process was
I just started to feel so at ease with myself. So, at ease with
myself, I could relax. I’d always been a bit of a perfectionist
and I was always focused on what I haven’t achieved. Not so much
what I didn’t have, but I was always beating myself up for
falling slightly short of my ridiculous goals. After going
through Oneness, wow, to be able to just sit with myself and
think, yeah, I like every part. There are parts I like better
and parts of my personality that I prefer to stay in. But I
understand the purpose of all these different facets of my
character, of my personality. I found that as I accepted myself
more, I was able to accept people as they were.
I can remember one of the things that resonated with me, the
most that Ananda Giri said was the greatest gift you can give
anybody is to allow them to be themselves. As I said, when I was
growing up with my adoptive mum, the relationship was very
strained. When I came back after Oneness, I just allowed her to
be who she was. I just didn’t need to be right in the situation.
Don’t get me wrong . . . yeah, it was so beautiful.
Even though, I used to be, you know, go and do our coaching
tours and things. I managed my state so that I didn’t say things
that were hurtful. I try not to be reacting out of my
frustration, but, obviously, energetically she could feel all
the time that I was saying, “You’re not enough as you are.” Then
when I realized that I was enough, after Oneness, going through
Oneness, of course, I understood that she’s enough. It’s her
life. She makes the choices she makes and it’s none of my
business how she chooses to live. Funnily enough, when I gave
her space energetically, she started to make shifts.

You can click here to listen to my entire interview with Felicity.

You can click here to download the transcript of my conversation with Felicity LeRouge