earth day

Earth Day is an easy holiday to celebrate and an easy way to get your social media groove on. First, because the holiday is celebrated in more than 175 countries around the world there is a good chance your campaign will garner global attraction. Also, since the general message of Earth Day is a positive one, your social media campaign can have a positive feel and come off as a good thing, rather than just another chance to sell something.

Elsewhere on social networks, Starbucks and RadioShack have also turned to Facebook to spread their Earth Day messages. The former is offering a free cup of coffee to customers that bring their own travel mugs to be filled, saving on the waste produced by handing out beverages in paper cups. Ads for the giveaway have been running on Facebook this week.

The brand is also encouraging users to post an image of a mug as their Facebook profile picture to demonstrate their “commitment to Earth Day.” Users that don’t have photographs of travel mugs are encouraged to use an image of a Starbucks-branded one instead.