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You Can't Demand Respect, It's Earned

Your website domain’s authority matters and will affect your ranking. Period.

And while you can do things to “juice” it, for the most part it is based on consistently posting good quality content that other sites with high Page Rank value.

Domain authority is somewhat dependent on age, but with the right social media marketing strategy you can help yourself get their quicker. But like a fine wine or cheese, you need to be patient.

Having a social media marketing strategies tied to your content marketing can really help you build authority if you stay consistent and focus on the end game of building your online expertise.  Any social media consultant would tell you that you need a robust content distribution strategy including the obvious platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

Repurposing your content is very smart when leverage your social media marketing activities. You can take blog posts and turn them into multiple squidoo lenses (like I did here for Facebook iframes) that link back to your site. You can also use your content to create compelling power points and word documents for sites like Slideshare and Scribd, respectively.

Getting your website recognized for its authority should be your number 1 priority and here are 6 simple tips to do just that:

  1. Do not spam or use excessive back linking – this will only hurt your reputation.
  2. Guest posting and participating at other blogs is a good way to get noticed so they want to link to you.  (But a rain man strategy of the same blogs over and over won’t help much with google.)
  3. Looking for .edu and .org sites to add value and potentially get links can be a game changer over night when done right.
  4. You can get attention from reputable sites by creating quality content that is “remarkable” is key to your success like I’ve done here with my Social Media Audit Free Template (no email required).
  5. Interlinking to other pages on your blog that are relevant to your discussion is great to do (like I did in #4).
  6. Optimizing your site is important to reduce your bounce rate and increase your return visitors, please get your free guide here (no email required)

For a more detailed break down and additional details for building your domain authority, please check out this great article Improve Domain Authority For A Better Blog Ranking at Problogger.

One of the major sources of traffic for any blog today is organic traffic. While SEO is one of the major factors influencing organic search engine results, there is another aspect to this whole story which is often ignored. All of the efforts go into building links, and in doing that, we ignore this critical aspect.

If you are wondering what this aspect is, it’s domain trust and authority. In order for you newer content to be ranked well on Google, it is important that you build both domain trust and domain authority. Otherwise, your already established home page will get a few rankings, but your new content will seldom see good rankings.

For people who do not know what domain trust and authority is, let me explain these concepts.

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