Do it yourself

social media consultant | rock facebook fan pageWarning: [If you’re a social media tool chaser (not to be confused with tail chaser), this post is NOT for you.  This post is for only for smart people looking for real strategy and tactics you won’t have to trade their first born to implement. It’s my best 6,186 words of awesome thoroughness written for you!

No fluff. And it’s might not be a phone read – it’s a “printer”. I could have made it an ebook and I might. But today, it’s yours free – no email required and hopefully more valuable than what others have sold you in the past.]

Disclaimer: [Before the haters check out my not yet done Facebook Fan Page (DIY place holder) and start commenting about how I haven’t done everything I’m telling you to do at Facebook…]

“Do As I Say, Not As I Do.”

You see, I’m my worst client.

I don’t treat myself as well as I do my clients.  I always put them first, because well um, they pay me.

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