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Knowing your basic personality type can help you determine your motivation for writing and where your shortcomings lie. Well-rounded content marketing is more effective and will speak to a wider audience. It’s also useful to evaluate the personalities of each person on your team before putting people together to work on projects.

What type of content marketer are you? Do you see a combination of several types in yourself and your team members?

Content Marketer

1. The Entertainer

The Entertainer has a flare for storytelling. He’s likely the life of every party and the person everyone gravitates to in a room. He genuinely enjoys being around people and making them smile, laugh, or feel emotions deeply during his recantations. This type of content marketer may also be a great public speaker or teacher, as well.

2. The Encourager

Ever the optimist, the Encourager writes to balance out the negativity in life. His message may contain areas of doom and gloom, but he always ends on a positive note. He encourages others with every message and strives to teach and guide, even when at a great expense to himself.

3. The Pragmatic

The Pragmatic writes because his audience needs information. He may know volumes of details, instructions, facts, and statistics and he’s eager to share his knowledge with those who need it most. There’s little to no sugar coating the pragmatic’s words. He’s not here to hold your hand or encourage you. He’s here to inform and show you the big picture. If you want sugar-coating, go watch a few cat videos. He’s all business.

4. The Loner

The loner has a single mission in his writing career- to connect with others. He participates in a hermit-like existence in “real life” but online he feels safe to connect and share parts of himself with others. He may have issues with his “real life” persona, so he creates someone he wants to be online and passes himself off as that person. Writing gives him freedom and he may feel powerful in deceiving others into believing he is his alter online ego. He writes under a pen name, or a different gender, or with total anonymity in some cases.

5. The Competitive Hunter

Not all content marketers are honest. Some have a dark side and rather twisted motives hiding behind their words, while others have such an intense focus, they can’t be distracted from their goals. They are motivated by a need to control and dominate. They may participate in Black Hat SEO, hacking, or just general pot-stirring and drama creation. They believe strongly in the motto that “any publicity is good publicity,” even if you’re hated by the masses. They hunt down their prey with a singular focus, and that prey is often their closest competitors. The Competitive Hunter eliminates these foes effectively. They get stuff done even if it means stepping on a few toes or throwing a few elbows along the way. They’re here to win at all costs.

6. The Passionate Professor

Much like those favored teachers in high school, the Professor is passionate about teaching others. He not only wants readers to learn something new, he wants that information to take root and change lives. He wants to help others make positive life changes and better themselves. He writes to inform and inspire while providing guidance along the way. His goal is to quench the thirst for knowledge and life change in his chosen industry or field.

7. The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist feels strongly about his chosen topic and works tirelessly toward bringing about a personal vision. He wants to change the world- one reader at a time. He is motivated by a desire to be something more than he is right now. He wants to build a legacy and make his life matter. He is strongly focused on serving others and is often described as having a heart of gold. He may give away the shirt off his back when asked, resulting in poor decision making or total failure if not balanced by someone like The Pragmatic. The Philanthropist has the potential to do great things others believe to be impossible, but he requires a well-grounded team of individuals to help him achieve his lofty goals.

8. The Serious Introvert

The Serious Introvert finds interacting with multiple people exhausting. He prefers a life of quiet calmness, and writing is often a terrific creative outlet for him. He is able to express himself online without actively interacting with others and sapping his energy. He may find communicating with written words to be much more natural than speaking to a group of people. He may be the workhorse on your team, always plowing through and meeting deadlines on time. You may not even notice all that he does… unless he stops doing it. He is an asset to any team, and often goes unappreciated. If asked, he may unleash a wealth of creative ideas he’s been keeping to himself.

Content Marketer

9. The Detailed Debbie

The Detailed Debbie has a routine to her day. She relies on predictability, stability, and herself. She must know every detail, every nuance, and have it presented in a particular manner or she is not satisfied. She is very likely to be the Grammar Nazi on your team. Debbie always has a question, no matter how much information is provided. Her workspace is well-organized and meticulously clean. There is no room for chaos and clutter in her world. Her writing is thorough, informative, and detailed, but she sometimes has difficulty connecting with her audience. She may also have difficulty working on group projects because she really does have to have everything completed to her satisfaction.

10. The Natural Leader

We all know it when we read a piece written by a Natural Leader. They leave you wondering if they’ve been spying on you or reading your mail in secret, their message is so well-received. The Natural Leader doesn’t adopt a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude, he gets down in the ditch and digs alongside his team. He can talk about the things you’re struggling with because he’s struggled with those same things, too. He’s personable, yet not too over-the-top or pretentious. He’s the guy people would follow into battle… or off the side of a cliff.  He’s persuasive, charismatic, and loved, but he is likely to be humble about his influence on others. He is focused and passionate about his goals as well. He sees the Big Picture and keeps his team grounded.

Which type of content marketer do you relate to most?

Too many people focus on the content before they decide on it’s purpose.  It sounds crazy, but after 20 years of marketing, I know it is true, the same way I know I need to get my roots done!

But seriously, when you are trying to create excitement around your brand, product or service, what do you do to create something of incredibly value for your audience?  The days of shouting “look at me, look at me” are over for most brands.  It just doesn’t work.

Creating ebooks, infographics, white papers, etc. is a new way to present the case for what you have created.


Let’s take Hubspot as an example.  They sell tracking and management system for lead focused online campaigns.  So instead of saying how cool they are all the time, they take the time to present the market research and build the case of how important it is for you to analyze to maximize your sales funnel.  It’s genius!

By razzling, dazzling and frazzling me, they are starting to build the case of how lost I’d be without them.  They create the pain, in the hopes they can help make it rain for me.  Smart.

Building social channels is key for the “pop on the social web” part of this post.  Develop social networks on the channels where conversations are happening relevant to the people and companies you’re trying to reach. If they’re on Facebook for example, you might find it makes sense for your Fan page to accept posts from the blog and that the blog also posts to Twitter. Then have Twitter post to LinkedIn.

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