content marketing optimization

Does an SEO expert feel like the Wizard of Oz to you?

Are you frustrated by putting out great content only to find out it isn’t search engine friendly so no one sees it?

Do you struggle to drive traffic to your site?

The numbers vary, but most experts would say being on page 1, in the number one slot means you would get about 42% of the traffic.  Jump down  to position 6 or 7 and you would be less than 10%.  (These are not drawn in the sand numbers, but they are good estimates.)

What’s even more amazing is Google constantly changes how they rank your site, even the experts are left scratching their heads. What looks like a science, is slowly becoming an art form with the advent of Social Media.  Now Google seems to be looking at content and saying, yep our computer likes it, but so what – let’s see what “people” think?

Social media combined with good content and a solid SEO strategy really can juice you to the top.  If you are relevant and extraordinary at the same time you might even catch a viral word of mouth wave (the holy grail).

If you have great content, the question of attracting relevant traffic to it has to be considered.  Not many tactics are more effective in doing that than being where customers are looking.  Suggesting a company slice their website content in half or to expire older content without considering the impact on the ability for that content to attract buying customers via search is a gross disservice. It’s just as bad as a SEO agency suggesting a company create hundreds of junk, keyword stuffed pages just for the purpose of attracting search traffic.

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