One of the biggest fears brands have about social media is “exposing” themselves to negative comments.  But the “bury your head in the sand strategy” doesn’t work, just ask companies like Comcast.

Comcast has used twitter for a customer service feed.  Not only do they have customer service representatives on the front lines, ready to respond to your needs, they also proactively look for negative conversations regarding their brand.

In sales they teach you that the number one way to make a sale is to uncover the objections.  If you see negative comments as an opportunity to add personality and soul to your brand, responding to them positively, then you just might be surprised at the results.

But you might be surprised to learn that, as David Meerman Scott points out, “negative comments can sometimes be a good thing.” In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast, David discusses how marketers can deal with negative comments. Read more:

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