Coach Laura

On my radio show, One Click Society, I had a chance to talk with my friend Coach Laura Rubinstein about the power she receives from what we call, feminine energy. Surpirse! It’s not just for women-it’s there for everyone to capture and use to enhance their businesses, their relationships, their lives…

“I started doing things like writing five things every night that I
was grateful for in the world about myself. And then five things that I
could acknowledge about myself. Because if anyone is like I was out there,
being very hard on themselves and critical of others, then it’s really hard
to access that gratitude. But if you start recognizing things and looking
for things that you can acknowledge and praise. So I started writing down
five things every night that I could acknowledge about myself, which was
really hard. I used to have to say, ‘OK. Well, I like my fingernails.’…’I like my nose, or I like my thumb.’ Something like that. It had to
start somewhere, but it’s amazing what happened. It was like magic, and I
had ultimate power in my life once I got that I could start praising myself
and giving thanks for things that showed up. Even if it was a flower in the
concrete between the sidewalk slabs that I got to see because it’s got this
pretty yellow color. And I was so grateful I got to see this pretty yellow
color that I just adored, and I can generate joy because I just saw that.
Once I started doing that, people started giving me stuff, and manifesting
was really easy. So, you hit upon one of the most powerful forms of
feminine energy there is, which is gratitude and joy and really amping that

Listen to my entire conversation with Coach Laura Rubinstein at One Click Society, here.

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