Career Renegade

When Jonathan Fields forgot about making money and started focusing on helping people, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Now he sits down with me as the host of One Click Society, to share what he has learned about life, hope and being successful at living…..

“…On September 10, 2001 in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, I signed a lease for a floor in a building, not knowing, of course, what I was going to awaken to the next morning. And that was to be a yoga center, which was three blocks away from where I owned my home. I had a three month old baby and married. That was this incredible, seven-year adventure that started in the depths of the darkest hour in Manhattan. Launching a business. We literally launched a business into an eight million strong funeral. It was just a really weird, ethereal, horrifying time in Manhattan. But it turned into a business which was helping a lot of people. In turn, because we really tapped that and we really focused on the help side of it rather than the making money side, it blossomed into what it needed to. And seven years later, I sold that company and really started focusing in on the online world and on really diving a lot deeper into the marketing and also writing. I love writing. I signed my first book deal. I’m working on my second book. That has kind of brought me to where we are today.”

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