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So, you have a web site, but it doesn’t get much traffic. Have you tried using social media to drive visitors to your site? That’s the best thing about social media marketing, it serves a number of purposes. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever, they all have the same potential when it comes to your business.
With an effective and active social media network you can leverage your pull with friends, followers or fans, and get them to mobilize on your behalf. Do you have a new sales promotion? Send the message through your social network and people will respond. That is the whole point of being social on the web.

Such is the importance of increasing visitor numbers to physical venues, and the ability of social media to achieve this, that Punch has compiled a number of tips for firms who would like to take advantage of the power of social media for this specific aim.

Create hype – social media is ideal for generating hype around new products or company events. A strong presence on some of the major portals such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as a dedicated blog, allows companies to provide instant details of their latest offers to their loyal fans and followers, encouraging them to visit their venue and spread the word at the same time.

Use location-based apps – location-based apps such as Foursquare are excellent tools for encouraging more customers to visit a physical venue. The basic principle of creating rewards for customers who visit the venue a certain amount of times is one that has been proven to work to boost customer numbers, and can be put to use by any business.

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