business collaboration

Social Media may or may not be the answer to the future of business collaboration. Some see it as the solution to distance. Global partners can communicate via social media in the blink of an eye. For business-to-business sale,s social media has brought people together who might never have shared the same continent much less the same room. But still, not everyone sees social media as the panacea of business. There are still many hold outs who view it as a major time-waster and the end of collaboration as we know it. (But would that ‘end’ be a bad thing?)

To that end, these companies have begun piling social networking functionality on top of applications that initially were built for managing back-end business activities such as tracking the movement of goods across a supply chain.

The vendors are selling this new functionality as a way of improving communication and collaboration across an enterprise.

The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively is essential to the running of a successful business, but I’m not sure that social networking technology — particularly in the form that vendors are currently presenting it — offers the best approach for improving business collaboration.

Many of these vendors are asking corporations to make significant investments in applications that do little more than mimic Facebook.

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