busines to business

Nearly everyone currently engaged in business-to-business sales and marketing are using some form of social media to help their business succeed. Despite all this social media use going on nobody is quite sure exactly what the right mix of social media and traditional marketing is, or exactly what form of social media is right for them. This has led to more than a few false starts as companies come to terms with what they don’t know, and what they don’t know they don’t know…

THE PROBLEM: “Competition is eating away at our market share… and using social media to do it.”

THE SOLUTION: Recalibrate your social media plan. Interview your customers and prospects to learn which social media channels are most important to them and why. Conduct in-depth interviews to learn exactly what kind of value and information they expect from you…a cross multiple channels. Use the voice of customer insights to craft a new, multichannel customer engagement strategy.

It’s true: Ignoring or minimizing the importance of social media now carries major competitive risks. Today’s consumers not only demand that the companies they buy from offer them easy access through multiple channels… but they also expect companies to keep track of all their interactions across multiple channels! That expectation definitely includes social media exchanges.

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