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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Surf The Internet

A new poll out this past weekend showed that for the first time, more people were surfing the Internet using the Google Chrome browser than the Internet Explorer browser. There have been a number of these studies done and Internet Explorer regularly beats the competition, but at least one poll, for the first time, showed that IE was not the most used browser.

This is especially significant when you consider that Microsoft bundles their browser with their Windows operating system. So, if you buy a PC which runs Windows, you get (are practically forced to use) Internet Explorer.

For those of you reading this of a certain age you will remember the days of Netscape, when Microsoft was under attack for trying to bundle their browser and dominate the Internet access world. Ultimately Netscape lost that battle, but won the war when it came to allowing people access to the Internet via any type of browser they wanted to use. Microsoft was allowed to bundle their own browser but was forced to allow users to choose whatever browser they wanted to use.

Now word has leaked that Microsoft might make it difficult for users of its new tablet-based operating software to access third-party provided browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox or even Google Chrome. If true this would clearly give Internet Explorer an unfair advantage over the competition, especially since Internet Explorer comes bundled with every device they sell or license to sell.

It would also seem to fly in the face of reason as Microsoft has already tried and failed to maintain a monopoly on the internet browser marketplace. Of course, reason is hardly what makes for a successful business.

Google Chrome, which is regarded as the hipper, faster and more developer-friendly browser, is gaining ground on the competition.

“Whether Chrome can take the lead in the browser wars in the long term remains to be seen, however the trend towards Chrome usage at weekends is undeniable,” StatCounter’s CEO Aodhan Cullen said in a written news release in March, when Chrome bested Explorer for a day. “At weekends, when people are free to choose what browser to use, many of them are selecting Chrome in preference to Internet Explorer.”

According to StatCounter’s latest report, which was spotted by the blog Global Nerdy, Google Chrome fielded 32.8% of Web page requests on Sunday.

That compares to 31.9% for Internet Explorer and 25.5% for Mozilla Firefox, which once was seen as the most viable alternative to the long-dominant IE.

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