A beer reminds me of college, ah the good ole days.

A beer sounds good with pizza, so comfy.

A beer also makes me think of fat bellies and old guys in recliners with white t shirts.


I have no idea – but that’s the point.

Most people don’t stop to think about why they feel the way they do about a brand, product, service, or even other people – that my friend is branding 101.

Champagne makes me think of the color pink.

Ladies who lunch.

Fun weddings and celebrations.

It makes me want to eat cake – by the side of a pool, wearing Prada pumps. For whatever reason, I get giggly just thinking about a fun light sparkling glass of the bubbly.

Champagne and beer are not something I compare as they are clearly classified differently from me.  I’d drink them for different reasons, but I’d never compare or contrast them to each other – they don’t fit into the same scenarios, making them mutually exclusive.

If you know anything about branding, I’m sure you’d agree this is pretty basic stuff. Yet I see people raping and pillaging their personal brand online all in the guise of “doing business” and I find it shocking.

I hear way too much the words, “I’m still trying to define who I am online”, and it baffles me.

What does that even mean? Unfortunately I think we know what that means, lack of authenticity.

“Inventing” yourself is something kids or actors do.  Not real people with real personalities who stand for something.  You are who you are.  You do what you say and say what you do.  It’s called, shhh, having brand integrity and groan…being consistent.

As protective as you have ever been of any branding of any product or service you have worked on – you should be 100 times more focused on knowing who you are and ensuring anyone who meets you is crystal (not to be confused with Krystal) clear as well.

The bottom line is:  if you are hard to translate, you are hard to share – which is the kiss of death to anyone “online” or even offline nowadays.

Some of us sell ourselves too dearly; others too cheaply. Many of us even fail to keep ourselves sold a large part of the time. The quality of our goods is not the best and so it is often returned or undesired. There are many things you are selling that perhaps you don’t realize. Have you ever stopped to think that you are selling your appearances, your dress, your carriage, your conversation, your optimism, your mental attitude toward life, toward work and toward others? The quality of the merchandise you offer and the price you desire will indicate the sort of character material you have manufactured or accumulated.

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Wheat Thins has decided being simply a “cracker” is beneath them as they don’t get “topped” like a cracker.  Wheat Thins wants to be a snack starting now!

Seriously does it really matter?  With the economy crumbling all around us, brands squeezing agencies for every penny asking for the ROI of social media, I just have to know…

Jim Low, how much is this going to cost you…and the Wheat Thins fan, and cough cough – what is the ROI for this endeavor?

For me, a wheat thin is a cracker and a snack – depends on my mood and what I feel like dipping it in.  In fact, I enjoy the versatility of the cracker, oops I mean “snack”. I can assure you my buying behavior comes down to one thing – what am I hungry for? I won’t pay more or less because it’s a cracker or a snack, so I wonder, what is the point?

Let’s get real…if they call it a cracker, a snack or a chip, I don’t really care, do you?

Do you think Wheat Thins will increase sales because it’s now officially a “snack”?  (a few million dollars later I’m sure…)

“When consumers talk about snacks, they look at Wheat Thins in the same basket as other snacks like pretzels, potato chips and popcorn,” said Jim Low, marketing director for the wheat cracker division at Kraft. “Wheat Thins is one of the least topped crackers in the cracker category — so we realized we needed to act more like a snack.”

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