I love people who know how to stay one step ahead of everyone else, and Peter Winick is definitely one of those people. That is why I invited him on my Positive World Radio Network show, One Click Society, to pump his brain for information which I can pass along to my loyal listeners. His blog, Thought Leadership Leverage, is absolutely stuffed with great information for anyone in the business of being in business.

” I was always kind of an avid consumer of content, somewhat out of a passion and somewhat out of a need to figure out things as my businesses grew. So that’s kind of where it started.

To make a long story short, where it is today is I’ve been able to combine two things that I’m really passionate about. One is great content, and number two is that I’ve got a knack for sales
marketing, business development, strategic partnerships, and
those kinds of things. And where that nets out is, ultimately,
helping people figure out how to monetize their content. The
people that I work with tend to be authors, thought leaders,
gurus. I just think it should be a law that people can refer to
someone else as a guru, but if anybody refers to themselves as a
guru, I’d beware. It’s one of those words you’ve got to be
careful of.”

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