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My daddy once told me, “Kill it or cure it.” and I’ve never forgotten it.  Living in the gray area is a joyless way to live.

And if you do it in business, well let’s just say – “Show me the money” because money is green NOT gray!  So I ask you…

Are you rocking it today or taking it easy?

(Taking a day off to do nothing is NOT gray area, people – remember that. Deciding to do nothing is much better than getting busy and chasing your tail.)

What I hope you’re not doing is something that doesn’t matter to your business. Which includes email!

Yes I KNOW email is a necessary evil, but it is the devil when it controls you and you do NOT control it.

Do you start your day with email?

Do you set time limits?  

Do you save the important stuff that is information or educational only into it’s own file and read during a dedicated time slot?

I bet not. And guess what? Neither do your customers.

Which is why you can NOT spray and pray until they buy or die.

(Die = opt out – get it?  I’m here all week!)

If you’re going to email your clients, please do not set up a “funnel” or auto-responder that is meaningless. Do not write a bajillion emails upfront and expect to be relevant 6 months later.  Please.

And like my mamma used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

(For you marketing enthusiasts, replace nice with relevant and you’ll get yourself a ball game quick.)

The BEST thing you can do with your email is be CURRENT to you customers and be RELEVANT. 

Is it ok to sell in an email? When done right, yes. But you better have a plan!

Just like my new BFF Ryan Healy does. He doesn’t know me, but I’ve fallen madly in love with him and his brain, anyway.

He’s a direct response copywriter and his emails matter, to me at least. They are awesome. I read every one of them because they are VERY easy to consume AND gasp, I’ve actually taken action from a couple.

He. Does. It. Right.

Do you?

If not, you should start sooner than later. Managing email effectively is just one of the ways you can build your business, but Ryan has 31 other ideas at this post you can read here…

31 Ways To GROW Your Business

His post is what inspired my post today. Because there I was, mindlessly mining my email for something to do, or God knows what.  Digging through one email after another, it was not until I read Ryan’s knock-my socks-off email that led me to his post that I realized I was being buried by busy work…so I finally ran screaming to my blog to be “productive” and share the news with YOU.

And here we are.  All because of lil’ ole Ryan.

So thank you Ryan for being the wind beneath my wings…

Or something like that!

Check. This. Post. Out. and come back and tell me which one inspired you most and how awesome I am for sharing such a gem. (Yes I’m slap happy and having a bit of fun with you tonight!)

While there are only four primary strategies for growing a business, there are literally dozens of different techniques you can use to implement these four strategies.

Strategies are important because they give us something concrete. They endure while techniques may come and go.

But the techniques are equally important. Strategies tell us WHAT to do; techniques tell us HOW to do it.

With that in mind, I’ve provided a list of 31 techniques for growing a business, all categorized by one of the four strategies.



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