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When it comes to the ethnic group which is most often using social media to communicate, Hispanics outpace all others. This latest information comes via a recent poll conducted by BIGinsight of more than 3,200 Americans. A whopping 60.7 percent of all Latinos say they log into social media at least once per day, compared with a slightly lower number for Black Americans (60.2 percent) and about 7 percent fewer Caucasian Americans (53.7 percent.)

So, what does this mean for your brand, company or organization? You tell me.

Too often companies are asking others what they themselves should know best. Questions such as “who should we reach?” “what messages should we put out there?” and “when is the best time to reach the people we want to reach?” This is information your company should already know. What a social media manager can help you do is reach the targets you are aiming for, but you should know who or what you are trying to hit before you call us.

Social media is arguably the most effective communication tool ever devised by human beings. However, it is only effective if you know how to use it. Oh sure, it helps if you have some idea who you can reach with which network, and when during the day is the best time to reach them, but still, without being able to correctly identify your target audience in the first place the best tools in the world won’t help you much at all.

The new American Pulse Survey by BIGinsight does provide some interesting information about who is using what networks. It breaks down the main sites, like Google+, Facebook and Twitter, but also includes information on some of the smaller sites too like Pinterest and Foursquare.

Study the information, understand how social media can help you reach who you want to reach, but remember, it cannot help you understand your own business. That’s your job.

While Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular social media sites, Pinterest has also gained popularity quite rapidly-15.2% of Adults 18+ say they have an account (for comparison, only 11.1% have an account with check-in site Foursquare). Hispanics appear especially “Pinterested” in the new photo pin board site, as 28.5% say they have an account.

While social media engagement is growing, talks of censorship and pirated content also flourish. Likely due to uncertainty about how it will affect their experiences on their favorite social sites, Americans seem divided about the issue of censorship. Just over a third of Adults 18+ (36.5%) somewhat or strongly agree that offensive content should be censored on the Internet. Blacks are more likely to approve of censorship (51.7%), while Hispanics (38.4%) and Caucasians (35.8%) are less supporting.

Click here for a link to the complete report.